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Practitioners in the Share stream have identified that their goals are to:

  • Share their work with others including lessons learned and best practices
  • Stay connected to the social R&D sector to know what is going on in this space
  • Build connections with other practitioners that they may end up collaborating with
  • Support the work of others through a Peer Input methodology
  • Connect on challenging topics that need to be addressed by the field



This stream of the CoP is being designed to serve a range of levels of practitioners who are eager to learn from and with one another.

Challenges and next steps: SI Canada Graphic Image from the Social R&D National Gathering in June 2020


Bi-monthly sharing sessions for practitioners. Some will take on a similar format of some of the Peer Input Process sessions as well as the Open Space sessions from the National Practice Gathering. Others will include updates that will support practitioners to keep informed on what is going on in the field and identify opportunities for collaboration. Sessions will be facilitated by Social Innovation Canada or by guest facilitators. In addition, an online tool/platform will be leveraged to connect practitioners.

News and Announcements

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Introducing: Binoojiinyag gaa-bi-giiwejig, The Children Who Came Home

After a provincial apology from the Children Aid’s Society left the local community feeling a lack of acknowledgement of their unique situation, the community and local CAS came together in the spirt of designing something by the survivors for the survivors. Binoojiinyag gaa-bi-giiwejig-Children who came home initiative was formed by engaging the community in education sessions and by forming a group of survivors to design what needed to be done.

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