Social R&D: Learn


Practitioners in the Learn stream have identified that their goals are to:

  • Learn new social R&D methodologies
  • Learn how to apply social R&D methodologies to their existing work
  • Learn from case studies put forth by other practitioners
  • Learn from international experts in social R&D


This stream of the CoP is being designed to serve:

  • Newer social R&D practitioners
  • Practitioners seeking to deepen their practice


We recognize that these practitioners have diverse needs and we will tailor specific workshops/trainings to cater to each of these 2 groups. We will communicate clearly what “level” of practice is being shared and invite practitioners to opt-in/-out based on the correct match of level or desire to learn.


Bi-monthly learning sessions for practitioners. Some will take on a similar format of some of the storytelling sessions from the National Practice Gathering, while others will be more presentation style to support practitioners to learn and employ specific social R&D methodologies. Some will be more at the social R&D 101 level while others will provide more in-depth training to practitioners with more experience in the field.

Sessions will be run by social R&D practitioners from across Canada and internationally. Honorariums will be provided to hosts as well as additional support to capture and share the insights from these sessions. Recordings from these sessions will be made available subsequently. In addition, resources will be shared on as well as through the Social R&D mailing list for all practitioners connected to the CoP in some way.

News and Announcements

Social R&D Storytellers Podcast

The Social RnD Community is a group of practitioners dedicated to finding creative solutions to tackle complex challenges. This podcast highlights case studies of social RnD in practice and features storytellers from the National Social RnD Practice Gathering held virtually in June 2020.

Special thanks to the McConnell Foundation and Employment and Social Development Canada for helping make this podcast possible. Learn More.

Listen on Apple Music and Spotify.


R&D is a relationship between multiple interconnected practices. It can uncover new knowledge and generate solutions that are radically more efficient and/or effective than current approaches. Here are our top websites and reports for learning more about Canadian Social R&D.

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