Social R&D: Build


Practitioners in the Share stream have identified that their goals are to:

  • Share their work with others including lessons learned and best practices
  • Stay connected to the social R&D sector to know what is going on in this space
  • Build connections with other practitioners that they may end up collaborating with
  • Support the work of others through a Peer Input methodology
  • Connect on challenging topics that need to be addressed by the field


This stream of the CoP is being designed to serve a range of levels of practitioners who are eager to learn from and with one another.


Practitioners in this stream will be engaged on an as-need basis to form Working Groups around specific projects. These working groups would support the development of tangible outputs and events to advance the social R&D field.

Examples of projects include:

  • Providing input in the design of the social R&D practice gatherings and roundtables
  • Developing and providing feedback on knowledge products to serve the field
  • Addressing funding or policy issues that are holding back the field
  • Contributing towards codifying and defining social R&D to include a diversity of methodologies and practices

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