Adopting Common Measures – Profiles

With this profile series, Adopting Common Measures is highlighting key social purpose organizations across Canada and showcasing their impact and the progress they are making towards a more sustainable future for Canadians in keeping with Canada’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Building Social Impact Ecosystems and Infrastructure in the Yukon

“I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur working within the social service sector, so being innovative and determining if actions are creating impact is important to me” – Jaret Slipp

“Always Moving Forward, that’s our slogan and our approach in every aspect of our community-building work,” – Jillian MacKinnon, VP Marketing, Communications & Strategic Initiatives at Envision Saint John.

Discover how AquaAction uses impact reporting to track activities, milestones, achievements and improvements while using its data for storytelling and community engagement.

The International Institute for Sustainable Development shares how they leverage community driven data for social good.

Rachel Wang, Executive Director of the Bike Brigade describes the big picture as “mobilizing people on bikes to ride in solidarity for more equitable and resilient neighbourhoods.”

Learn how communities in Winnipeg are tracking their progress towards SDGs.

Find out how the Greater Saint John Community Foundation approaches impact measurement through community connection and collaboration.

What is impact measurement? Learn about the intentions and goals of measuring impact – what it is, why it helps, and how it can be used to weave a rich social innovation network in Canada and beyond. 

If you ask most people what their environmental footprint is, they would likely have no idea. Andrew Simpson, however, can show you a spreadsheet to explain the data behind his footprint, and tell you how he is carbon neutral. 

Inwit is a social enterprise on a mission – they are Canada’s first zero-waste restaurant takeout app, inspiring and empowering people to take action against the climate crisis in a straightforward, tangible way.

“It can sound so simple yet it can be so complex,” says Andrew Greer, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Purppl, about measuring and tracking social impact.

“How can I solve problems and help more people?” That’s the driving question in Jahanzaib Ansari’s life, the one that motivates him every day, to look at the world with fresh eyes and imagine what is possible.

London Poverty Research Centre, with Luis at the lead of the project, stepped up to create a process to localize the global SDG indicators.