Incubators and Accelerators

Engaging with climate through an equity lens, SI Canada partners with accelerators and incubators that foster climate-resilient development.

Investment in clean technology, innovative climate solutions, and sustainable entrepreneurship is prioritized to promote both human and planetary health in the midst of the climate crisis.

In addition to incubator and accelerator partnership, SI Canada is working to better understand how climate change is impacting equity deserving communities and vulnerable people in Canada.

Photo by Sander Weeteling

How we work

Access to capital

Bridging gaps by connecting entrepreneurs and innovators working towards greener futures with impact-driven investors

Accelerate what is working

Weave relationships and seed ideas to transform industries by promoting greener alternatives

Ensure equity in climate-related enterprise development

Those most impacted by climate-related events are included in any interventions. An equity-based lens is integrated within climate adaptation opportunities and strategies.

Our goal

Positively impact communities and ecosystems across Canada through environmental advocacy and catalyze the advancement of green technology.

Our current climate projects are held in partnership with Foresight Canada