Climate and Equity Lab

The Climate and Equity Lab, a collaboration between Gore Mutual Foundation, Social Innovation Canada (SI Canada), and York University’s Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, aims to understand the impacts of climate change on vulnerable groups in Canadian urban areas, emphasizing poverty, equity, and climate change intersections.

In Canada, climate change is imposing an increasingly disproportionate impact on vulnerable groups, and factors such as poverty have a significant negative impact on the likelihood of recovering from extreme weather events.  

As part of its 25th-anniversary celebration, Gore Mutual Foundation introduced the Equity Acceleration Fund, a $1 million initiative dedicated to supporting charitable organizations in addressing the intersection of poverty, equity, and climate change. Recognizing the lack of investment in understanding the impact of climate change on vulnerable groups, The Climate and Equity Lab was born.


The Lab is currently in the Discovery phase and focused on identifying gaps in existing research, exploring how climate change intensifies inequalities faced by disadvantaged populations. We are specifically looking at the systematic review of municipal policies addressing housing disparities and climate vulnerabilities for low-income renters, homeowners, and unhoused individuals in Toronto, Vancouver, and Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge. The current phase also involves collaboration through stakeholder workshops in these cities, marking a significant step towards comprehending the complex connection between climate change and vulnerable groups. 



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Insights from Phase One of the Lab