Category: Social Innovation

Social R&D Storytelling Podcast

The Social RnD Community is a group of practitioners dedicated to finding creative solutions to tackle complex challenges. This podcast highlights case studies of social RnD in practice and features storytellers from the National Social RnD Practice Gathering held virtually in June 2020.

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RFP: Open Call for Knowledge Products

This particular open call for proposals is a recognition that we don’t know what we don’t know. We want to hear from you on your ideas and proposals for knowledge products that will serve the social R&D field. These may address some of the topics and needs indicated above, but we are also really interested in out of the box ideas and proposals.

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NouLAB workshop session

RFP: Equitable Social R&D

It is vital that we ensure diverse voices are represented and celebrated in the fields of social R&D and social innovation. It is also important that we seek to challenge the confines that make practitioners of diverse backgrounds not feel welcome or that they can’t contribute their perspectives. Lastly, we need to demystify some of the language of social innovation and develop resources that resonate with community members.

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