We are connecting Canada’s
Social Innovation Ecosystem

A robust, connected, social innovation ecosystem inspires new efforts to illuminate relationships between social innovators, bringing together key parts so they can combine to create a much greater whole.

We are at a powerful tipping point for a social innovation ecosystem in Canada that can lead to widespread social and environmental change. To make this possible, we need to pay greater attention to both the whole and to the parts. We need to create the collaborative infrastructure to connect, support and enable social innovators to maximize the potential for change.

Social Innovation Canada is working to provide the collaborative infrastructure to strengthen Canada’s social innovation ecosystem, empowering people, organizations and systems with the tools, knowledge, skills and connections that they need to solve real and complex problems.

In 2019, we began to build our foundations. Check SI Canada’s first year review and learn more about how the work was structured, what we have learned, and what comes next.

This builds on our strategic roadmap: Introducing Social Innovation Canada / Présentation d’innovation sociale Canada.

To see how we got here, have a look at Findings From The Field.

The SI Canada team consists of a small ‘secretariat’ team at the national/operations level, working in partnership with regional ‘nodes‘ or host partners in various parts of Canada. Each node has a ‘weaver’. These ‘weavers’ are natural networks who are responsible for convening regional gatherings and learning events to revel, share, unlock, and enable people, organization and systems to thrive. They meet regularly and work together to reflect the vibrancy, diversity and knowledge that is emerging from coast to coast to coast

Our Team

Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed
Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed

Senior Fellow | Toronto, ON

Maryam’s work centres ‘dialogues of wisdoms’ and explorations around alternate ways of knowing, doing and being to decolonize social innovation and entrepreneurship.

Devon Bond

Operations Manager | Toronto, ON

Devon uses her dynamic set of skills and experiences to bolster SI Canada’s operations and its goal to strengthen its network of social innovators.

Director of Engagement at SI Canada
Geraldine Cahill

Director of Engagement | Drayton Valley, AB

Geraldine is driven to counter negativity and doubt with an irresistible invitation to work together to support our communities and our ecosystems to thrive.

Kathleen Cerrer

Digital Communications & Engagement Coordinator

Kathleen’s work is focused on creating meaningful change through connection, collaboration and amplifying stories that drive impact.

Alex Charles

Program Coordinator | Toronto, ON

From working in communications, education, public service, and the non-profit sector, Alex aims to empower social innovators and communities.

Program Manager, Accelerate from Anywhere & Earth Tech
Heather Garrick

Program Manager, Accelerate from Anywhere & Earth Tech

Heather is an experienced entrepreneur, educator and business leader with enduring passion for environmental sustainability and social justice.

Barnabe Geis

Senior Director of Cleantech | Toronto, ON

With over a decade in the impact venture space, Barnabe is the Senior Director of Cleantech at SI Canada, and the Senior Director of Market Transformation at Foresight Canada. His work is focused on accelerating the development and adoption of Canadian cleantech.

Gwen Joy

Managing Director | Toronto, ON

Gwen brings insights from a 20+ year career spanning the non-profit, public, and private sectors, where she's worked alongside community and elected leaders, policymakers, academics, youth, non-profit and corporate leaders to develop organizational capacity to drive social impact and innovation.

Paluck Kohli

Communications, Client Engagement & Impact Coordinator | Toronto, ON

Paluck’s superpowers are building meaningful collaborations and creating synergies through impact tracking. Her work is focused on helping organizations align with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and measure their impact. She comes from a diverse background ranging from business consulting to Food and Beverage industries but found her purpose in social innovation.

Annabelle Liao

Story Writer & Communications (intern) | Toronto, ON

Annabelle is studying sustainability communications within the Global Resource Systems program at UBC. She is excited to be joining the SI Canada team this summer and continue sharing stories of community resiliency and growth.

Mitalie Makhani

Program Specialist | Toronto, ON

I love transforming things. Specifically, I love collaborating with diverse groups of people to transform ideas from concept to reality - and nurturing that growth to create positive ripple effects beyond those communities.

Alanna Man

Research and Market Analyst (intern) | Vancouver, BC

Alanna is assisting SI Canada in fulfilling some critical infrastructure and information requirements that will support its development goals. This will involve a synthesis of SI Canada's current body of work, as well as conducting both primary and secondary research across Canada with global comparisons.

Andrea Nemtin

CEO | Toronto, ON

Andrea’s work connects social innovation practitioners to each other, opportunities and resources to create the change required to put people and planet first.

Jo Reynolds

Senior Director Partnerships and Development | Kingston, ON

Jo collaborates with people in communities and regions across Canada and the globe to address the ways we live and work in order to achieve equity across our social, economic and ecological systems. They provide support with project development, strategy, social finance, impact measurement, social enterprise and building relationships that unlock potential.

Shea Sinnott

Director of Programs, Accelerate from Anywhere | Vancouver, BC

Shea is an experienced facilitator and program designer with over a decade of experience in social innovation and environmental advocacy. In her role as Director of Programs, Accelerate from Anywhere, Shea works closely with our partners at Foresight Canada, delivering educational programs and integrating social innovation approaches into cleantech solutions.

Pam Stein

Manager, Executive Office and Special Projects | Toronto, ON

I use my organizational magic wand to assist the executive in achieving the organization’s goals of applying social innovation to solve system-level problems.

Randall Terada

Senior Manager, Adopting Common Measures | Toronto, ON

Randall seeks to overturn convention and move the needle on innovative projects, starting with supporting social purpose organizations to align their work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and track the impact they’re making.

Muska Ulhaq

Director of Programming | Courtice, ON

Muska is focused on cultivating strong multi-sector partnerships and developing innovative programs that generate positive, social, cultural, and environmental impact.


Valerie Adriaanse

Communications Lead, Common Approach to Impact Measurement

Partnerships and Standards Lead, Common Approach to Impact Measurement
Alicia Richins

Partnerships and Standards Lead, Common Approach to Impact Measurement

Garth Yule

Strategy and Operations Lead, Common Approach to Impact Measurement

Weavers & Stewards

Louise Adongo

Executive Director, Inspiring Communities | Halifax, NS

Louise brings care and intention to uncovering the roots of tangled problems; enabling shifts to greater resilience, sustainability and impact.

Mélanie Bisson - SI Canada weaver in Quebec
Mélanie Bisson

Conseillère principale, relations avec l’écosystème | Montréal, QC

Porteuse d’une vision ambitieuse pour notre société, Mélanie puise son inspiration dans la diversité des points de vue et la qualité des relations humaines qui mènent à l’ouverture et à l’inclusion.

Patrick Dube - SI Canada weaver iin Quebec
Patrick Dube

Executive Director, La Maison de l’innovation sociale | Montréal, QC

With his entrepreneur and complex systems mindset, Patrick likes to disrupt status quo and provoke fierce conversations around the role of social innovation in achieving systemic changes by building civil society and people’s capacity.

Organization: Inspiring Communities, Atl.
Jocelyn Li

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships Lead, Inspiring Communities

Jerome Morgan

Senior Innovation Manager for Clinical and Social Innovation | Calgary, AB

Jerome Morgan specializes in strategy, human-centred design, organizational development and facilitation. He helps leaders get to better solutions using design thinking and community innovation that is centered on empathy.

Claire Okatch

Knowledge and Engagement Lead

My passion has always revolved around facilitating more space making for those who hold marginalized identities.

Diane Roussin - SI Canada weaver in Manitoba
Diane Roussin

Project Director, The Winnipeg Boldness Project | Winnipeg, MB

ᐊᓂᔑᓈᐯᒃ Anishinaabe. Skownan 1st Nation. Passionate Community Leader. In pursuit of mino bimaadiziwin (the Good Life).

Organization: RADIUS, B.C.
Leah Sanford

Associate Director, Education & Training, RADIUS | Vancouver, BC

Shawn Smith

Vancouver, BC

Educator, entrepreneur, dad. Building an economy that works for everyone.

From the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), Ont.
Denise Soueidan-O’Leary

Director of Community Wealth Strategy, and Special Projects | Toronto, ON

Since 2016, Denise has embedded herself in the Regent Park Community, with a strong focus on building Community Wealth infrastructure at the neighbourhood level.

CEO, Centre for Social Innovation
Tonya Surman

CEO, Centre for Social Innovation | Toronto, ON

Tonya is fuelled by her belief in the power of collaboration and belonging. Through multiple organizations, she’s unlocking the social innovation community to get at the root causes of problems.

Kalen Taylor

Executive Director, Purpose Constructions | Winnipeg, MB

Kalen is a social entrepreneur with a focus on tackling tough societal problems through social enterprise and deep community collaboration.

Board Members

Managing Director, Wider Sense
Michael Alberg-Seberich

Managing Director, Wider Sense

Senior Fellow, Community Foundations of Canada
Tim Draimin

Senior Fellow, Community Foundations of Canada

Board Member
Noura Kamel

Director, Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (York University) and Principal of Aman Consulting
Amanuel Melles

Director, Network for the Advancement of Black Communities (York University) and Principal of Aman Consulting

Darcy Riddell, PhD (Chair)

Consultant: Nature Conservation and Indigenous-led Economies

Facilitator, coach and organizational development consultant
Marilyn Struthers

Facilitator, Coach and Organizational Development Consultant

Executive Director, Skills Society and founder of Think Jar Collective and Action Lab
Ben Weinlick

Executive Director, Skills Society and founder of Think Jar Collective and Action Lab

Chief Financial Officer for Fionic Canada Ltd.
Jonathan Yu (Treasurer)

Chief Financial Officer for Fionic Canada Ltd.

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