About Us

We are aligning Canada’s social innovation ecosystem for action

Social Innovation Canada is working to address complex challenges of national relevance and create transformational change.

At SI Canada, we believe the application of social innovation approaches is essential to tackling problems that no sector or solo entrepreneur can solve alone. Social innovation is made possible by the contribution of diverse teams and the inclusion of ideas and actions from those most impacted by the challenges we face.

Photo: Summer Buzz, by Josephine Amalie Paysen

Our contribution

Recognizing the depth and diversity of organizations and people working towards a more just, equitable and sustainable future, our contribution to this vibrant field is focused on three complementary areas:

Ecosystem Building and Field Catalyst

We support innovators working in every sector. We connect social innovators to resources, opportunities and each other.

Innovation Practice

SI Canada leads national collaborations, including Labs and Challenges with place and identity based communities to address systemic issues.

Systems Transformation

We work to reduce systemic barriers and unlock resources to enable the implementation and scaling of solutions.

Foundational reports

In 2019, we began to build our foundations. Check SI Canada’s first year review and learn more about how the work was structured, what we have learned, and what comes next.

This builds on our strategic roadmap: Introducing Social Innovation Canada / Présentation d’innovation sociale Canada.

To see how we got here, have a look at Findings From The Field.