Introducing Social Innovation Canada

A robust, connected, social innovation ecosystem inspires new efforts to illuminate relationships between social innovators, bringing together key parts so they can combine to create a much greater whole.

We are at a powerful tipping point for a social innovation ecosystem in Canada that can lead to widespread social and environmental change. To make this possible, we need to pay greater attention to both the whole and to the parts. We need to create the collaborative infrastructure to connect, support and enable social innovators to maximize the potential for change.

Social Innovation Canada is working to provide the collaborative infrastructure to strengthen Canada’s social innovation ecosystem, empowering people, organizations and systems with the tools, knowledge, skills and connections that they need to solve real and complex problems.

In 2019, we began to build our foundations. Check SI Canada’s first year review and learn more about how the work was structured, what we have learned, and what comes next.

This builds on our strategic roadmap: Introducing Social Innovation Canada / Présentation d’innovation sociale Canada.

To see how we got here, have a look at Findings From The Field.

The SI Canada team consists of a small ‘secretariat’ team at the national/operations level, working in partnership with regional ‘nodes‘ or host partners in various parts of Canada. Each node has a ‘weaver’. These ‘weavers’ are natural networks who are responsible for convening regional gatherings and learning events to revel, share, unlock, and enable people, organization and systems to thrive. They meet regularly and work together to reflect the vibrancy, diversity and knowledge that is emerging from coast to coast.

Our team

Chi Nguyen

Social Innovation Canada 

Toronto, ON

Civic leadership and equity champion. Sees our biggest opportunity for change is to connect and bridge unlikely partners to help us align for change. 

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Chloe Waretini

Program Manager,
Social Innovation Canada 

Montreal, QC

Thought and practice leader in the human-centred future of work. Combines her background in design, community-building, and radically collaborative organizations into a drive to create a world where (all) life can thrive.

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Gabriel Reis

Communications Coordinator,
Social Innovation Institute

Toronto, ON

Storyteller for social impact. Highlights the amazing work of social innovators to connect and inspire change across the country.

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Joshua Cubista

Dean, Social Innovation Institute 

Toronto, ON

Experiential designer and facilitator. Co-creating learning pathways for social innovation and systems change.

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Regional Nodes

Chi Nguyen

Director of Social Innovation Canada – Toronto, ON

What unites these practitioners is the shared desire to bring a systems lens to their work so that they can achieve a real and substantive impact in the world.

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Shayna Rector Bleeker

Program Manager – Vancouver, BC

As program manager I help social innovators in Canada find the people, resources and knowledge they need – creating a stronger ecosystem.

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Laura Cuthbert

Community Engagement Weaver – Vancouver, BC

My role to connect those who are innovating for survival, those who are innovating for progress, and those who don’t yet know they’re innovating.

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