Innovation that works for everyone.

Social innovation has the power to address complex challenges and redesign broken systems.

Who We Are

Social Innovation Canada is working to address complex challenges of national relevance and create transformational change.

What We Do

At SI Canada we aim to shift social, environmental and economic structures and systems to enable our society and Earth to thrive. We believe the application of social innovation approaches is essential to tackling problems that no sector or solo entrepreneur can solve alone.

How We Create Impact


We provide tools and evidence of applied social innovation methods to guide and inspire your work.

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We facilitate breakthrough collaborations on systems-wide challenges.

Explore our Projects

We foster relationships and co-create projects to deepen practice and work for change.

What We Do

We seek to influence systemic change to create more equitable and sustainable outcomes.

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Our Collaborators

Work With Us

We work with governments, nonprofits, charities, community partners and private sector organizations to break down silos and open opportunities for change.