SI Canada welcomes Geraldine Cahill


“I’m thrilled to welcome Geraldine Cahill to the SI Canada team. Geraldine will be key to enhancing SI Canada’s communications and engagement strategy. Her extensive experience with UpSocial and Social Innovation Generation (SiG), will enable SI Canada to achieve our goals of supporting the growth of the social innovation ecosystem.”  – Andrea Nemtin, CEO, SI Canada



Hi! I’m hugely excited to join Social Innovation Canada as Director of Engagement. I’m aiming to support the team in a couple of key areas: I’ll be focused on co-creating a compelling social innovation story that helps people see themselves in the work to create positive systems transformation; and working with those people on systems projects that can support our planet and its peoples to thrive. 

I’ve been working on systems projects under the banner of UpSocial Canada for a few years now, and I’m very grateful to the team at UpSocial (Global) and particularly Miquel de Palladella for his mentorship and leadership in taking social innovations to scale. Inside of SI Canada, I’ll have a chance to build on that experience with a talented and energetic team and reconnect with many in our amazing ecosystem I haven’t seen since Social Innovation Generation (SIG) wrapped up in 2017. Wow!

A big change on the personal life front, in 2022 my partner and I moved from Ontario to Alberta, so I’m also looking forward to connecting with west-coast and prairie innovators in a deeper way than was possible from Toronto. Naturally, the SI Canada team is hoping we can build and strengthen bridges across Canada to help amplify and enable greater impact together. 

Let me know if you’d like to connect!

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-Geraldine Cahill


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