SI Canada Charts New Course 

Toronto, June 6, 2022
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SI Canada Charts New Course 

The Centre for Social Innovation, a pioneering social enterprise and Canada’s first coworking space, and the Centre for Social Innovation Institute, a charitable organization and home of the national network of social Innovation institutions and practitioners, have announced the consolidation of their programmatic work The Institute will adopt the name of their flagship program and be renamed Social Innovation Canada.

“We exist because Canadian social innovators need national collaborative networks, learning and leading edge ideas in order to tackle the persistent social and ecological challenges we face today. Our new structure comes after consultations with social innovation practitioners across the country, and we are excited to see momentum grow.” – CSI Institute Board Chair, Darcy Riddell


Leadership Change

Tonya Surman, CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation and the Centre for Social Innovation Institute, is a serial social entrepreneur, an Ashoka Fellow and cofounder of all three initiatives, including Social Innovation Canada. After incubating this initiative for four years, she will step down as head of the now renamed Institute, but will remain CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI).

“CSI was created to catalyze social innovation because we believe profoundly in radically redesigning the world to put people and planet first. We are doing that every time we unlock a new initiative that has world-changing potential. It has been an honour to work with colleagues from coast to coast to coast to build SI Canada’s national impact. There is no greater fun than to galvanise great people to achieve great change in the world together.” – says Tonya Surman

“We have reached 2500 with Social Innovation education and engagement programs and built a national network for over 3000 practitioners… It’s off to a great start and now new leadership can take it to the next level.”

Andrea Nemtin, current Executive Director of Social Innovation Canada, has been appointed the Acting CEO to lead the consolidated programmatic work. This shift will build on Andrea’s career leading complex organizations and initiatives focused on creating positive social and environmental progress through strategic philanthropy, media and arts, social innovation and impact investing. 

“Wealth inequality, affordable Housing, climate change, reconciliation and equity, are just a few of the urgent issues that require a social innovation approach. We have the opportunity and the need to bring together all sectors: non-profits and governments, entrepreneurs and investors, corporates and community, to create the systems change needed for our society and earth to thrive.”  – says Andrea Nemtin. 


What’s Next For Social Innovation Canada 

“We will continue to provide the network with the tools, resources and opportunities to tackle real and complex problems, we’ll just do more of it!”  – Andrea Nemtin, Executive Director and Acting CEO

SI Canada will take on programs previously held in partnership with CSI including Climate Ventures, Adopting Common Measures, and The Common Approach Education Project, while continuing its existing activities collaborating  with its founding regional partners: La MIS, Inspiring Communities, the Centre for Social Innovation, ABSI Connect, Radius, Social Enterprise Centre and the Boldness Project, on projects including the Social Innovation Fellowship, numerous Communities of Practice, Financialization of Housing Lab, and the development of a digital “What Works” centre starting with social finance related content.  


About the Centre for Social Innovation 

Centre for Social Innovation is a coworking space, community and launchpad for people changing the world. CSI catalyzes, inspires and supports people to create, develop, adopt and integrate new and renewed concepts and practices that put people and planet first. We envision a world where our systems – economy, government, culture and communities – serve to create a healthy, just, resilient & regenerative society full of meaning, equity & happiness.


About Social Innovation Canada 

Social Innovation Canada catalyzes vital collaborative infrastructure to strengthen Canada’s social innovation ecosystem, empowering people, organizations and systems with the tools, knowledge, skills and connections that they need to solve real and complex problems. 


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