Invitation : The transformational leadership of encouragement webinar

The vulnerabilities of the systems we depend on are exposed and there is so much change and uncertainty to face all at once. What kind of leadership do we need in this context?

Allow yourself to pause and take a breath in conversation with Cheryl Rose, Vanessa Reid and Syrus Marcus Ware on how to cultivate transformational leadership to serve this extraordinary time. They’ll speak about what this moment is teaching them about the society we would like to cultivate, and how this affects us in deeply personal, community and systems-wide scales.

We hope you’ll leave uplifted, equipped with new perspectives and practices to help you serve this crisis with increased courage.

Syrus Marcus Ware is a Vanier scholar, visual artist, activist, curator and educator. Syrus uses painting, installation and performance to explore social justice frameworks and black activist culture, and he’s shown widely in galleries and festivals across Canada. He is part of the Performance Disability Art Collective and a core-team member of Black Lives Matter – Toronto. He has won several recognitions including the TD Diversity Award 2017, “Best Queer Activist” NOW Magazine 2005, and the Steinert and Ferreiro Award 2012.

Vanessa Reid works at the intersection between systems and soul. She serves contexts of crisis, collapse and chaos; those fertile moments where social transformation is possible. Her poetic presence is a soothing balm to any conversation. Vanessa is a co-founder of The Living Wholeness Institute, which works with citizens, teams, organizations and social movements around the globe on initiatives that are creating new, deeply sustainable social realities.

Cheryl Rose has been working for over 20 years in education, advocacy and diverse collaborations to enhance Canada’s capacity to imagine, seed and strategically grow our national social innovation ecosystem. The heart of her work explores what kind of leadership makes it possible to generate the positive change so urgently required in our world. 

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