A Season of Six Degrees of Social Innovation in Toronto

Once a month social innovators from across the city of Toronto gather for an informal meet up after work and exploration of a social innovation topic. Our purpose is to have some fun, build connections and get engaged with social innovation.

From September 2017 to June 2018, we partnered with social innovators to animate and engage a crowd ready to connect and learn.

Here are the topics and guest presenters.

  • Circular and Sharing Economy, with Fashion Takes Action Brave Soles, and Fresh Rents
  • Civic Innovation, with Civic Tech Toronto
  • FinTech for Good, with Claro Partners and ImpaK Finance Connections
  • Networks and Communities, with CSI’s Community Membership
  • Social Innovation Challenge, with Dejardins Cooperathon


Over the season Six Degrees became an event to watch for with 1,000 people registered and 40% in attendance. A new season will kick off in September with a theme of civic engagement as we get ready for our federal elections.

Do you have a social innovation topic and want to partner with us on this event? Contact Jo Reynolds, joanna@socialinnovation.ca

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