A Social Innovation Practitioners Circle for Ontario and the Indigenous Territories

Why a Social Innovation Practitioners Circle? We all know people in communities and across traditional territories who are working to initiate or grow a product or a process for positive social and environmental change. Whether that is an edible forest project or a universal housing development. These ideas are often generated by a few people who want to see positive change happen in their community.

Many of these initiatives are reaching into our “systems”, such as food systems, health care, education, or our justice systems. It takes a lot of effort and dedication by these people to create the change that will benefit us all over the long term. We all want these ideas and projects to be their best and make broader change possible.

This April, we are looking forward to gathering in Kingston on the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee peoples. The Social Innovation Practitioners Circle brings together a diverse cross section of professionals who have expressed initial interest in creating an accessible social innovation ecosystem in Ontario and across Indigenous territories in the region.

This Circle is for systems change practitioners who identify as natural networkers and connectors within their area of practice. Our work (often taking place “on-the-side”) connects initiatives and people to opportunities across diverse sectors, industries, and issues; in order to, intentionally support breakthrough solutions within systems.

Together, we are seeking to enhance the quality of our connections with other social innovators. Aiming for deeper inclusive practice and enhanced knowledge of social innovation in order to be active agents for change across our spheres of influence.

This work requires practitioners to hold many relationships, connections, and to carry a responsibility for action. This Circle seeks to enhance our own development and relationships within a conscious practice of self-care and inclusion.

What might come out of this first gathering?

Easy access for social innovation practitioners to connect with one another through regular video calls to enhance our practice and impact in our communities

Lean into action by supporting initiatives that have may have broad positive impact to take their next steps through quality connections

Learn about and shape the practice social innovation

This is just the first step. We look forward to opening opportunities to create a diverse and useful network that allows social innovation to flourish.


– Jo Reynolds leads the Ontario hub for Social Innovation Canada, through her role as Director of Social Enterprise with the Centre for Social Innovation.  Get in touch directly at joanna@socialinnovation.ca

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