CCEDNet Manitoba and SI Canada Winnipeg node Social Enterprise Centre Team Up to Prep for SISF Funding Opportunities

This Spring, CCEDNet Manitoba and Social Innovation Canada’s Winnipeg node: Social Enterprise Centre, are working together to explore how their region can meet the emerging opportunities of the federal Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy.

One thing they’ve already heard loud and clear is that the emerging language and practice of social innovation and social finance isn’t very familiar locally. So, they’ve developed a series of events to offer a range of topics and capacity building sessions to help local practitioners find their fit in this emerging framework.

Kalen Taylor, the Executive Director of Purpose Construction and SI Canada’s Winnipeg node says, ” we formally launched our Springboard into Social Finance 6-part convening series this month, in response to a clear interest in the sector to learn more about social finance tools.”

“We hosted our first convening of the series on March 19th, Quebec’s Finance Ecosystem – The Chantier Model  lead by Nancy Neamtan. We had around 20 participants and a lively discussion about the Chantier model, and future fund development models for the Manitoba social innovation ecosystem.”

“We’re looking forward to our next session, Innovation, Finance, Economy: What kind of ‘Social’ are we talking about?, which will be held May 19th 2019.”

Check out this page over at CCEDNet to keep on top of upcoming events, and please share widely. If you’d like to find out more or get involved about CCEDNet’s response to the fund announcement, contact regional director, Sarah Leeson-Klym.

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