Maybe is a Podcast About the Messy Reality of Social Innovation

Maybe is a podcast series inspired by individuals who are tackling critical issues and challenges in communities across Canada. Specifically, it’s about people who have participated in a very special program called Getting to Maybe: A Social Innovation Residency, inspired by the Canadian book and social innovation phenomenon of the same name.

SI Canada spoke to Host and Producer Cheryl Rose about her work in social innovation, the podcast, and where its going in 2019.

What is the Maybe podcast?

“This podcast is about what it’s really like to work for social innovation in very complex contexts; the messiness and uncertainty that is often part of this work. These stories are about the fact that change is hard – but we can do it!

We wanted to tell the stories of the work these amazing people are doing to address urgent social and environmental issues – they are inspiring system entrepreneurs who are dedicated to working with others to make change that might seem impossible, possible

Our hope is that these stories are encouraging, illuminating, and useful to the collective efforts of the many, many individuals and organizations who work to make our families, our communities, our countries and our planet more just, caring, healthy and resilient.”

Why did you start Maybe?

“I started it to tell the stories of people right on the edges of where we are and where we hope to go – the reality of working passionately for change while grappling with big questions, dealing with disappointments, but still determined to continue. I wanted to use this format for encouragement and learning among peers in the field.”

What have been some your favourite moments so far?

In every episode so far, I have been surprised by insights and experiences shared that I hadn’t thought about before or that I, personally, needed to be reminded of. social innovation is characterized by emergence – and the stories so far have all held surprises! A favourite moment was my interview in Episode One with Jessica Bolduc – her honesty, grace and fierceness were inspiring.”

If you could have any guest, who would it be and what would you ask them?

“If I could have any guest, I would welcome very young people into the conversation. Kids who are already concerned about their communities and this planet, and thinking about what the future of the world will look like for them in 20 or 30 years. I’d want to ask them if they are able to remain hopeful and, if so, what helps them to do that. I’d ask them about their vision for the world they want.”

What do you have planned for 2019?

“I’m planning for a next series, again based upon the experiences and questions that practitioners are holding. I’m working right now on an episode about how to be an ally to indigenous people – and have plans for future episodes on accountability, keeping passion alive, and the role of imagination in working for transformative change.”

You find the Maybe podcast on the web here, or subscribe with iTunes or Stitcher

About Cheryl

Cheryl Rose lives in New Westminster, BC and has worked for more than two decades as a teacher, trainer and coach for individuals and organizations that are working for social system change. She considers herself a Story Guide, Story Gatherer and Story Teller. She supports the unfolding of social change makers’ stories through education and coaching, connects stories together to enhance impact through networking of all kinds, and tells these inspiring stories at every opportunity. Currently, she is the Associate Director for Getting to Maybe ~ A Social Innovation Residency at Banff Centre. For a more complete bio and information, visit her website.

Cheryl is also working on an upcoming transformative leadership project with Social Innovation Canada, you can read more about that in our 2018 recap of important moments here.

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