Social Innovation Canada: Aligning for Action

The opportunity to nurture transformational impact in our communities is at our fingertips.

After years of actors from across sectors working to build awareness of and capacity for social innovation, in November 2018, Canada’s federal government announced $800M in social finance funding. This is incredibly strong validation that social innovation, combined with the financing needed to create social, environmental and financial returns, makes real, lasting and tangible social impact possible. As the challenges facing our communities continue to mount in complexity and scale, the need for social innovation has never been greater. Those doing the work whether on the front lines of service delivery, working in academia, within government and corporate institutions, are looking for ways to connect, to learn and ultimately, to better align so we can scale our individual and collective impact. This is where Social Innovation Canada comes in.

Today we present a snapshot of where we are today, where we think we’re going, and how we plan to get there with Introducing Social Innovation Canada: Aligning for Action. Of course, this is all still emergent and we’ll endeavour to keep you updated with more announcements as they come.

Learn more about the SI Canada Strategy.

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