Radius: Introducing the latest Trampoline cohort for the Health Promotion Lab

It’s with much excitement that we introduce the latest Trampoline cohort for the Health Promotion Lab!

This group of entrepreneurs are approaching health promotion from every angle – from supplying nutritious food without waste and encouraging new demographics to embrace fitness, all the way to recording health info, connecting healthcare providers, and bringing the latest science lab insights to the wider community in engaging ways.

The cohort only launched a few weeks ago, and already they are building their ideas as prototypes and supporting each other with connections, community support, and actionable advice.

By bringing together a cohort focused on health, Trampoline provides a safe space to test and grow ideas, along with providing tools to do so. We’re thrilled to see these 10 efforts blossom – for their own growth sake and the sake of positive health outcomes for Canada!

Read the full blog here.

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